Why we created the Humanity Works Podcast?

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Why every executive needs to listen to the Humanity Works podcast

Not only are Leonie Rothwell and Marcus Worrall the Co-Founders of Sprouta, but they’re also Co-Producers of the Humanity Works podcast. The Humanity Works podcast amplifies the important stories of practitioners and leaders in People, Performance & Culture. 

With the Season Two launch just around the corner, we sat down with Leonie and Marcus to discuss their favourite moments from Season One, and what we can look forward to hearing in Season Two of Humanity Works.  

What prompted you to produce this podcast? 

[Marcus:] We really wanted to amplify the stories of People & Culture practitioners who are doing the best work of their lives. We wanted to inspire other Firestarters across our client community in terms of the opportunities for impact that they could deliver within their organizations, that will also have a societal impact as well. 

[Leonie:]: We created Sprouta to help solve some of the biggest and most complex challenges facing organisations today. And the Humanity Works  Podcast highlights the stories of executives, working on systemic change and making a huge impact. We were also inspired by these stories too. 

Which episode from Season One of Humanity Works had the biggest impact on you? 

[Marcus:] Because I lived in Japan myself for a number of years, the one that really stuck out for me was the episode with Adam King (from Amazon) around vulnerability and leadership. Vulnerability is such a crucial strength for becoming a remarkably good leader. I found that episode in particular inspiring and it really landed with me.

[Leonie:] It was really hard to choose my favorite, but I really enjoyed the Brigitte Fairbank episode. Given the scope of her role and responsibilities and the work that she does in people, culture and performance, it was really interesting to see her perspective and hear about why she does what she does, and how much she enjoys her work. 

What was your biggest takeaway from Season One? 

[Marcus:] From the Brigitte Fairbank episode, ‘Leadership is not just about taking charge, it’s about caring for your people.’

[Leonie:] My biggest takeaway from season one was Cherry Ward, from Thiess, talking about safety and how to apply it to our personal lives. I've recently taken on a sport and I think she has saved me from a few injuries!

What is the goal of the Humanity Works podcast? 

[Marcus:] To inspire executives, the business community, people and culture, geeks, influencers, fire starters, our whole community. And to let them know that Sprouta’s got your back. There's some amazing people doing some amazing work. And you could do the best work of your life, just through interacting with the community that we're creating here.

[Leonie:] It’s to inspire people to be courageous enough to make some bold moves and to change the status quo and do things differently. And to know that all sorts of different people change the world and that you can too.

Why did you choose Culture Craig as host? 

[Marcus:] Craig personifies all the qualities that Leonie and I would want to see in a host. He brings out the vulnerabilities, the learnings, the growth and development from people in their stories. He gets them to be incredibly authentic, because he's authentic himself. And he also got such wonderful insights to be able to share in the conversations with them. 

[Leonie:] Craig Forman is a unique human being who creates safe spaces for real conversations. He has expertise in people science, but he still remains curious.

What are some of the highlights from Season One of Humanity Works? 

[Marcus:] We've got a really good variety of topics; from psychological safety to leadership, culture and vulnerability. No matter what level you are, if you're in an organisation you’re going to be inspired by our guests and the stories that they're sharing with you.

[Leonie:] In season one we explore sharing power at the executive level, the power of vulnerability, and being comfortable as a leader when you don’t have all the answers. 

Why should people listen to Season Two of Humanity Works? 

[Leonie:] I think people should listen because leaders and professionals in the People, Performance & Culture space have the spotlight on them right now. There's been an incredible amount of change and all of our client communities are interested in sharing experience and learning from others. And this is what the Humanity Works podcast does.

[Marcus:] Listening to the podcast is a really good opportunity for people to gain some fresh insights and then link in with us and our community and take action on those insights. 

What can we look forward to in Season Two of the podcast? 

[Leonie:] We have an incredible Season Two. We started Season One with HR professionals. Season Two is about executives making systemic change. And so we have Didier Elzinga, CEO of Culture Amp. We have Marie-Frédérique Romain, who is the Sales Director of Airbus. We have Corn Chang, the Head of People & Organisational Development for Grab. Kate Pounder, CEO of Tech Council of Australia as well as Peter Scutt, CEO of Mable. 

[Marcus:] A really good array of talent, and just some incredible authentic stories of great humans doing the best work of their lives.

Who is the Humanity Works podcast for?

[Marcus:] Humanity Works is for everybody. I think it's certainly for executives, because you're in a position where you can actually create the necessary change and make a significant positive impact. It's definitely for people in Culture, to inspire you to be bold and to be a Firestarter, to make a significant impact and consider your legacy. 

And then it's for anybody who's wanting to learn and grow, and really have impact in their organisations, with their teams, in their personal lives, and societal as well. It's for everybody.

[Leonie:] Humanity Works is for anyone that is inspired to change the world and wants to draw from real stories of people that are doing that every day. 

It's for anyone that wants to understand the humans behind the work, and also who's interested in doing the best work of their lives. So that can be anyone from people starting their careers to people that are CEOs and executives that have a lot of power to change.

Sum up Season Two in one sentence.

[Leonie:} Season Two is about senior executives getting up every day doing the best work in their lives, and making an impact. 

Season Two of Humanity works is launching on the 31st of March. If you’d like to catch up on Season One of the podcast, you can listen on Spotify or Apple Podcasts. 

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