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Encountas a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Next Genify a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Vega Factor a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Culture Amp a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
eQ8 a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Leaders for Good a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Ability Map a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
The Performance Code a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Flexup a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Thrive HR a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Mandala Consulting a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Fresh Eyre a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Catalyze a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Next Genify a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Start Beyond a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Encountas a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Yarno a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
eQ8 a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
How we solve problems.

Collective Expertise and Unique Solutions.

Sprouta opens up a world of collective expertise and unique solutions to help organisations identify and solve their real challenges within People, Performance and Culture.

Our Strategic Partners are chosen for their deep expertise within their fields and are supercharged by our Global Ecosystem. The result? You get solutions that are often beyond the scope and capabilities of any single provider.

What is Sprouta?
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How we help you.

We solve organisational challenges through multiple lenses.

We bring together a team of experts to help you solve your organisational challenges and deliver guaranteed effective outcomes focused on growth, impact and performance.

We build deep and valuable partnerships with organisations who have the drive to maximise their impact and want to do good work in the world.

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Strategy and Transformation

Sprouta solves for your strategy and transformation needs in an environment of hyper-competitiveness and volatility.


Growth and Impact

Sprouta solves for the accelerating pressures of continuous growth and increasing levels of impact. 


Leadership & Capability

Sprouta solves for the enduring challenge of leadership and capability expectations, at scale.

Our Client and Partner Community


"I love being part of the Sprouta Community as I can tap into the ecosystem to engage with industry experts and their thought leadership on all things people and performance. The (virtual) collective intelligence sessions that the Sprouta Team have been running with their partner Encountas are so engaging and an innovative way to collectively solve challenges we are all facing in our respective businesses. I am looking forward to continued partnership with the Sprouta Team so solves organisational challenges that we face today and into the future.”

Cherry Ward
Senior HR Leader, Mining

“Sprouta is an active community for organisations who are serious about learning and business performance. We engaged with their partner community and recently reached out for help on a critical project around leading in times of change. This is part of a broader global leadership curriculum in development at Blackmores. It is great to have a partner in Sprouta who provide access to leading people and culture specialists who can support organisations with agility, challenge and impact”

Julia Lee
Capability Manager, Blackmores

“Working with Sprouta made the fundamental difference to the shift in our organisation’s transformation. They stretched our imagination, cleverly guided our evolving thinking, and worked with us in absolute partnership. We appreciate Sprouta’s care in our business, dedication to the challenge, support during the process, and valuable contribution to the project, which resulted in us reaching the outcome we set ourselves to achieve.”

Madeleine Culbert

"The Sprouta Community has been an amazing forum to connect with industry leaders, gain some really valuable insights from the community and thought leaders, and be inspired to explore more innovative ways to problem solve relevant and meaningful challenges. I love the interactive approach and look forward to being a part of the continued evolution of Sprouta.

Luci Ingold
Leadership & Diversity Consultant, RBA

"At Yarno we really value being a partner of Sprouta’s as they share many of the same attributes that we value: client focussed, innovative, collaborative problem solving, and most importantly; the ability to deliver tangible and measurable results for their clients. This focus on driving a positive change in learning metrics for their customers was the primary reason we first looked to join forces (plus they’re also really fun and easy to work with!)."

Mark Eggars
Co-Founder, Yarno

"Sprouta, via a strict focus on driving actionable impact, has been an amazing partner. Whether focusing on coaching and development or more complex operating model design, their team marries rare excellence with curiosity, to the client's benefit.

Forrest Lindekins
Head of Movement, Vega Factor

"Working with Sprouta is like having a brilliant sounding board with a range of connections and ideas to help you solve people challenges. I appreciate the insights and experience Sprouta brings to the table and their ability to help identify a range of potential solutions. Through the ongoing conversations we have, I feel like they have developed a good understanding of my organisation so I can be confident that their recommendations will always add a new perspective I can use (and it saves me time trawling for information or providers myself). I am looking forward to working with Sprouta into the future!

Amelia Abraham
Manager, Capability & Culture, ActewAGL

I’ve been part of the Sprouta community for over two years now and during that time I’ve benefited a lot from the easy access I’ve had to industry change makers and leading experts. The insights I’ve gained have helped me grow professionally as a leader and also enabled my company to optimize employee performance and set behaviours and norms that have led to superior results. Marcus and the Sprouta team are amazing partners, and I truly value working with them and their commitment and desire to serving the needs and wants of their customers. I’m very much looking forward to continuing this partnership!     

Adam King
Senior Manager, Executive Development, Amazon

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