How we got here!

Leonie and Marcus have each worked within the learning and development industry for over 25 years, throughout Australia, Asia and USA.

They identified that the pace of change, and changing nature of work wasn't allowing organisations to survive and thrive without an increased capacity and support to learn and adapt.

They witnessed a shift in the type of challenges their clients were facing. These challenges are more complex, involve more people and each are now critical.

They each have witnessed the limitations in working with only one provider - clients now require greater access to a global network of industry expertise and providers to solve their wicked business problems.

The demand has changed

The opportunity to reinvent learning for growth and the rise of a learning and performance ecosystem were the means Leonie and Marcus were intent on sharing, being inspired in part by the research around the future of work and learning.

Sprouta was created to provide greater access and more choice for clients, but also to extend the opportunity to come together, partner with and collaborate to combine multiple partners in diverse areas, to exchange thoughts and address each business challenge without friction.

The demand has changed, but the solution model hasn't, up until now!

Directors of Sprouta

Leonie Rothwell Director | Co-Founder

Marcus Worrall Director | Co-Founder

Sprouta understands the diversity that now exists within any decision making group, we help to create a shared understanding and agreement on the problem you are trying to solve.

Reinventing learning for growth

Reinvent Learning for Growth is our purpose

In our hyperconnected world the value of Sprouta’s learning and performance ecosystem and vast learning community is even more critical for an organisation's readiness to adapt, innovate, meet new challenges and opportunities, and to ensure their competitive advantage.

Leadership, wellbeing, gamification and virtual learning experiences. All with a clear focus on business outcomes, measured impact and results.

Our solutions include the entire gamut of: