How to Build a Movement, Not Just a Company

with Didier Elzinga. Culture Amp

Humanity Works

One of Australia’s most successful companies, Culture Amp, was born from the desire to create a better world of work. The man behind that vision is Didier Elzinga.

Culture and values are at the heart of everything Didier builds, and Culture Amp was no different. Seeking to build a true culture-first company, Didier now creates a massive impact in other organisations through his work and the Culture Amp platform. 

In this episode of Humanity Works, Didier shares his journey as a CEO - first landing the role at just 26 years old. He shares his insights on leadership, building a culture first company and transparently discusses the role privilege has played in his career. 

Listen to this episode now to discover: 

  • What inspired Didier to create Culture Amp, a culture-first company 
  • How he landed the role of CEO at just 26 years old 
  • The career trajectory that led Didier to Culture Amp
  • The importance of storytelling in effective leadership 
  • Why Didier didn’t offer commission based salaries to his sales team for quite a few years after launching Culture Amp (and why he’s changed his mind now)
  • Hear Didier’s thoughts on compound privilege, diversity and learning what he's doing to build an inclusive culture
  • Didier discusses the role privilege has played in his own career 
  • Discover the biggest challenges in building a culture first company
  • Plus so much more!  

Show Notes:

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