High Performance Operating Model with Vega Factor

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Neel Doshi, Co-Founder of Vega Factor unpacks the science behind motivation and performance.

The Science of TOMO (Total Motivation)

Is your operating model designed to create and sustain a high performing organisation?

Many organisations have entered the recovery phase and are now focused on stabilising the business and restarting activity. This provides the opportunity to build a highly motivating, high performing operating model; a way of working that drives better performance, human and reputational outcomes.

In this exclusive virtual session, Neel Doshi, co-founder of Vega Factor, will explain the science of motivation and performance and share insights of the most impactful experiments you can run that drive performance, productivity and engagement.

Key points are that by making key Operating Model changes, you can drive double digit performance, in any environment, in less than 6 months. Vega Factor have worked with many iconic organisations including Google, Microsoft, Salesforce, Slack, and Samsung having cracked the code on culture and high performance through the science of total motivation #TOMO.

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