Transforming Tech Talent: Driving growth, motivation and retention

with Forrest Lindekens. Vega Factor

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Forrest Lindekens is the Head of Movement at Vega Factor. Forrest, along with his partners at Vega Factor, are on a mission to unlock human potential at scale, to build the world's most adaptive organisations, and to fundamentally upgrade the tools and techniques we use to build great cultures.

Sprouta is excited to announce an upcoming webinar session on Tech Talent Transformation, presented by our friends and partners at Vega Factor. The webinar is scheduled for 8th June 2022. If your organisation is facing challenges in attracting, motivating or retaining tech talent, you won’t want to miss this session!  

Recently, we sat down with Forrest, he generously shared his insights on what organisations need to know about ‘The Great Resignation’, how to drive growth, motivation and retention in talent, and his future predictions around how organisations will need to shift as we continue moving through the post-pandemic era. 

He’ll be diving much deeper into these topics during the webinar session on June 8th.  Register here

What are some of the big challenges organisations are facing at the moment when it comes to attracting tech talent? 

[Forrest:] Right now organisations are facing a unique challenge in attracting, developing and retaining tech talent. For companies across Australia, this can either be ‘The great resignation’ or ‘The great opportunity’. 

Rather than engaging with an ever increasing bidding war for talent that operates as mercenaries, why not build an operating model that both develops and attracts the best talent from around the world? Organisations are capable of removing themselves from the mercy of the market, if they have the right frameworks in place. 

What is the true cost of talent attrition?

[Forrest:] Most organisations don’t account for the extra expenses accrued by having a vacant seat in their companies.  It’s more than what’s in the balance sheets. You’ve got to take into account both the hard costs and the soft costs. 

When somebody leaves your organisation they take with them their knowledge and expertise, productivity drops,  employee engagement drops, organisation reputation is at risk, and time has to be invested in onboarding a new individual - these costs all add up. Most companies don’t account for these soft expenses on their balance sheet.  

During our upcoming training session we will demonstrate the real cost of attrition based on the stated average salaries shared by attendees.

What 3 things do organisations need to know about talent?

[Forrest:] Performance and motivation go hand in hand.  One shouldn’t be bolted to the other, they are two wings on the same bird.

Learning velocity is the only way to sustainably drive performance in ANY industry.

Apprenticeship needs to make a comeback - learning velocity and performance can be drastically impacted for the better by teaching colleagues to proactively secure the skills they want, rather than waiting for them to be cascaded.

How do you drive growth, motivation & retention?

[Forrest:] Through the science of motivation! An employee’s total motivation (ToMo) is defined by three direct motives: the play that people feel in their work, the purpose they find in it, and the potential they see for outcomes like career advancement. 

We’ll cover ToMo much further in depth during our webinar session.  

Crystal Ball: What are your future predictions?

[Forrest:] The compensation model is broken. Algorithmic or skills based compensation will be the new normal for high performing organisations in the coming years. There’s an opportunity for company Firestarters and Changemakers to fix this broken system and the way forward is with skill based compensation.

So many tech companies are scaling and growing rapidly while large enterprises are undertaking massive digital transformations. 

Sectors like banking are also fast becoming tech companies. NAB is hiring 1500 people in the next 6 months. These companies need tech talent. How are they going to do that? Where is the talent going to come from? Compensation needs to be skills based. 

Why should people register for this session?

[Forrest:] If you can take one or two things away from this session, you’re already more advanced than your competitors. Our research and science is game changing and the work we are partnering with Sprouta on is rapidly enabling our clients to become market leaders.

If your organisation is struggling to attract and retain tech talent, it’s time to remove your company from the mercy of the market! The science of performance that we’ll share with you  can show you how.  

Sprouta is currently working deeply with their Tech client community and Vega Factor to optimise their operating models in building sustainable high performing cultures. This will be a unique conversation that is not to be missed. 

Join us for an action-oriented, interactive virtual session where we’ll unpack the fundamentals of designing a high performing, purpose led operating model that tech talent from around the world will find irresistable. 

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect: 

  • An opportunity to test challenges that have left you feeling at the mercy of the talent market
  • Perform practical experiments to drive growth, motivation & retention throughout your whole organisation.
  • Implement frameworks that will ensure you attract, engage and develop the right talent.
  • Understand how a strong focus on talent development will supercharge your organisation.
  • Access to key data showing the true cost of talent attrition that is driving the business case for change. How will your organisation stack up against the numbers?

Tickets are limited! To register for the event click here.

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