Learning Science in a Digital L&D World

Sprouta Sessions

In this Yarno webinar you'll learn how to implement fresh learning strategies using microlearning and spaced repetition principles.

Microlearning in action.

Filling a room with as many people as possible with one instructor isn’t the best way to teach people, though in the past it was the most economical.

But Now! Technology allows us to teach people in the way they learn best. We’ve known for centuries how the brain works and how we learn, now we can implement that knowledge.

Sprouta is partnering with Yarno to bring you an interactive learning webinar. Join Joel Smith, Head of Instructional Design at Yarno, as he explores the classic cognitive science that’s being used in ground breaking ways by intrepid companies, to educate and improve employee performance using microlearning and spaced repetition principles.

Hosted by Sprouta, this webinar is fully interactive, as all attendees can participate in a post webinar experience, using the Yarno platform, designed to help reinforce the learning gained during the webinar. This workshop will help focus your learning needs and challenges, revealing behavioural blockages. The output of this workshop is a detailed mindmap, to help you implement a fresh learning strategy.

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