The Two Conversations of Change

with Leonie Rothwell, Sprouta

Thought Leadership

In this article, we unpack the Two Conversations of Change, a term coined by our Ecosystem Partner, encountas, who design and deliver inclusive, scalable human-first learning experiences that help organisations navigate change.

As we continue to navigate the new world of work, we are all experiencing change in various ways. Business models are transforming, expectations are increasing, new technology is being implemented, and the well-being of employees is increasingly in focus. All these changes are impacting our world, and it's important to acknowledge that.

The Two Conversations of Change

As leaders, it's natural to focus on our teams to ensure they are navigating change effectively. However, it's equally important to check in with ourselves and have, what encountas call, the two conversations of change: the conversation with ourselves and the conversation with others.

The Conversation with Yourself

When experiencing change, it's important to take time to check in with yourself. This means acknowledging your own emotions and feelings and ensuring that you are taking care of your own well-being. It's essential to take care of your physical and mental health, engage in self-care, acknowledge where you are in the change, and focus on what you can control. This conversation can help you process your own thoughts and emotions and come up with a plan to manage change effectively.

Coaching Tip

Find a Trusted Partner: To effectively lead and care for your teams, you will need to ensure your energy is positive, constructive and future oriented. Have a trusted thinking partner to explore how you are experiencing changes, particularly those that you will need to lead with others.

Look after yourself: Make sure you prioritise your own emotional and physical well-being – take breaks, renew and rejuvenate.

The Conversation with Others

In addition to having a conversation with yourself, it's important to have a conversation with others. This means reaching out to colleagues, friends, or family members who can offer support, guidance, and a sounding board for your ideas and concerns. By sharing your experiences with others, you can gain new perspectives and insights, and feel more connected and supported during times of change.

Coaching Tip

Create space for others: Change can be challenging for us all. Create space for your colleagues. By exploring and sharing our concerns and hopes – we will more easily find a path to navigate complex change. Make time to down tools, stop and compare experiences, and agree to support one another as you move through transitions. Together we can enact our own visions of future success

In summary

As we navigate the new world of work, it's essential to have the two conversations of change - the conversation with yourself and the conversation with others. By taking care of yourself and seeking support from others, you can successfully navigate change and emerge stronger and more resilient.

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