Rethinking the Old, Embracing the New - The Future at Work Is Here.

with Marcus Worrall and Leonie Rothwell, Sprouta

Thought Leadership

Welcome to our Future at Work Perspectives Series. We will share our unique perspectives and key insights from two decades in the industry combined with fresh thinking from our powerful Sprouta Ecosystem – Partners who deliver the innovative, adaptive solutions today’s organisations need.

In a world where change is the only constant and evolution is non-negotiable, organisations find themselves at a crossroads. The systemic challenges they continually come up against need a fresh perspective and proactive approach to actually solve them. The call for these innovative solutions that can reshape the fabric of organisations and societies is getting louder. Transitioning from old, familiar ways to new, uncharted territories requires strategic thinking, deliberate effort, and a future-focused mindset.  

Central to this evolution is the understanding that the responsibility for building thriving workplaces falls squarely on the shoulders of organisations. We’re recognising that the old world's operating models and siloed organisational structures (creating burnout and mental stress) must be replaced with adaptive business models that support performance. Leadership development and inclusive learning need to be built into the flow of work, at every level, not just at the top of the organisation. And the legacy reliance on the huge Big C consulting firms to solve organisational problems is diminishing to make room for Small C consulting companies - innovative and adaptive SMEs that are a super motivated engine of the economy.

It's clear that systemic transformation is what’s required to propel our organisations forward, and organisations need to shift their focus to a proactive and collaborative approach that shapes their future direction. Leonie Rothwell, Co-Founder Sprouta

Welcome to the Future at Work, a journey that calls for dedication, courage, and collaboration. Embracing the future at work is not a choice; it's a necessity. As we rapidly approach the age of mass automation and powerful generative AI, the old ways of operating and problem-solving no longer cut it. What’s more, the heavy lifting required to adapt will only increase with time and so the key is to do the work “upstream”, anticipating challenges and creating solutions before they become crises “downstream”.

The Future at Work isn't just about theorising or planning; it's about action. We realise that the transition from knowing to doing can be daunting, and it’s why we built Sprouta – a powerful global ecosystem of experts within People, Performance and Culture, coming together as elite problem-solving teams to deliver integrated solutions for the toughest challenges organisations face today.

This bold transition requires us to rethink our traditional approaches and old ways of thinking, knowing that token efforts invariably yield token results. Marcus Worrall, co-Founder Sprouta

We’re leaving behind “easy”, one size fits all solutions that may have worked in the past, questionable Big C consulting practices and performative listening. Instead, we’re driving collaboration with “competitors”, better Provider/Client Relationships and integrated solutions that hit everything to solve bigger problems.

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The transition from the old to the new is not just a shift in how we do things; it's a profound transformation in mindset. The old way relies on the status quo and favours established power dynamics. The new way is adaptive, dynamic, and understands the evolving landscape. It nurtures leadership at all levels, values transparent decision-making, and prioritises problem-solving and innovation. This journey asks organisations to shed old habits, collaborate with purpose, and push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Traits like courage, transparency, vulnerability, and inherent connectivity are the cornerstones of success in this new era, and by co-designing solutions and addressing root causes, organisations will pave the way for their thriving future.

The Future at Work is here. Are you ready?

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