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with Cornelius Chang. Grab

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Culture and performance - Can one thrive without the other?

Cornelius Chang is the Head of People and Organisational Development at Grab, Southeast Asia’s largest leading superapp connecting millions of consumers to millions of drivers, merchants and businesses. 

As a former Consultant, Corn is highly passionate about working with people and finds excitement in helping organisations create long-term performance improvements while supporting individual leaders to grow. He brings this passion and enthusiasm for people into his current role at Grab.  

In this episode, Corn takes us through his thoughts and ideas on the relationship between culture and performance, why inclusion is essential when building a diverse workforce, and why he believes we all have courage - but sometimes the catalyst for change has to come from outside support. 

Listen to this episode now to discover: 

  • How Corn’s military background influenced his views on leadership, and the courage to go after what you really want
  • A breakdown of Corn’s role at Grab, and the three key pillars he builds his work on 
  • Corn’s thoughts on the relationship between performance and culture (and why you can’t excel at one while ignoring the other) 
  • The importance of strengthening the bonds between employees, and why focusing on the everyday experience of employees is vital to gaining real engagement  
  • Discover why inclusion is vital when building a diverse workforce
  • Corn shares the personal story that led him to turn away from a successful career as a consultant and why he believes we all are capable of courage
  • Corn shares his insights on the gig economy and what Grab are doing for their driver partners
  • The big question Corn is ruminating on right now 
  • Plus so much more!   

Show Notes: 

Singapore National Service -

Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation, Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi

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