The Future of Performance Relies on Transforming Organisational Mindsets

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Organisations' approach to performance is undergoing a seismic shift. We’re moving past performance being narrowly viewed through the lens of skills, capabilities, and productivity metrics. Instead, the future demands a holistic and transformative approach that integrates psychological principles and prioritises emotional well-being.

Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Motivators

At the forefront of this paradigm shift is the recognition that motivation is the critical driver of performance. Organisations must learn to tap into both intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivators, aligning work with their employees' passions and strengths. Such a shift also highlights the importance of crafting career opportunities thoughtfully and designing them to ensure a good fit for employees' skills, talents, interests, and career trajectories.  

"Organisations really need to start having those conversations about how do we strive to cultivate that intrinsic or that internal motivation."

Liz Gould, Performance Psychologist, encountas

Aligning Purpose

Fostering a sense of purpose and meaning is critical. The personal and collective good combine beyond the traditional win-lose paradigm by aligning with an authentic purpose. Strategic workforce planning emerges as a crucial tool in this transformation. It’s important to have forward-looking, future-proofing conversations with our leaders to ensure the right capabilities and capacity are in place to achieve the organisation's purpose. Proactive planning, rather than reactive firefighting, is the key.

"The future is really where we see that uniting between the organisation's purpose and the individual's purpose.”

Alicia Roach Co-Founder & Joint CEO, eQ8

Well-being a core component

Mental health and well-being are no longer optional extras but integral to sustainable high performance. Courage from leadership is vital in driving this change. This means embracing transparency, celebrating failures as learning opportunities, and shifting mindsets from the workforce as a cost to an asset are all essential.

“We need courageous leaders that are prepared to make the change.”

Christina Gerakiteys CEO, UtopiaX

Performance and well-being go hand in hand

The future envisions a seamless integration of performance and well-being, where the two are inextricably linked. Technology will play a pivotal role, but the human element – resilience, creativity, and emotional intelligence – remains irreplaceable.

Organisations that embrace this transformation will reap the rewards of a highly engaged, resilient, and high-performing workforce. We must allow people to find that “right role" and embrace tactical and adaptive performance.

The road ahead is not without challenges.

"We're going to be distracted. There's going to be near-term pressure for performance. We're going to be told to limit our experimentation and learning. But if we know it's the right thing, hopefully we do the right thing."

Forrest Lindekins, Partner Vega Factor

As the future of performance unfolds, organisations must leave behind the old way mindsets and embrace a new way that prioritises purpose, well-being, and the holistic development of individuals.

By doing so, they will keep pace with the rapid changes and leverage their workforce into a resilient, innovative, and sustainable high-performing team ready to thrive no matter what the future may bring.

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