Exploring New Ways of Working

with Alexandra Schiller and Nicole Hercus. BDO

Humanity Works

In this incredibly deep conversation Alexandra Schiller and Nicole Hercus speak with Craig Forman, not only about the practicalities of job-sharing in a senior role but also what it means to share power, embrace vulnerability and how feminine and masculine energies show up in how we work.

Radically rethinking how we work.

Nicole Hercus and Alexandra Schiller are job-sharing the role of Head of Learning and Organisational Development at BDO, a global accounting management firm.

In this episode Nicole and Alexandra unpack what it takes to make job-sharing work from a practical perspective as well as a deeper conversation around trust, sharing power and vulnerability.

In Episode 5 of Sprouta's Humanity Works Podcast, Alexandra, Nicole and Craig chat about:
  • The very different journeys that led them to where they are now.
  • The importance of purpose on this “wild and bumpy ride of being human” and why we need to be flexible with our definitions.
  • The what and the how of job-sharing in a senior role along with the value of shared thinking and expertise.
  • Different ways of holding leadership and sharing knowledge and power.
  • The differences between feminine and masculine energies and what that means for leadership.
Show Notes:
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