Transforming Performance In the Age of AI

Thursday, May 25, 2023
12:00 pm
Join us for this multi-date event!
1 Hour

Upcoming Sprouta Partner Event

Virtual Think Tank and Interactive Demo

Building an internal infrastructure to help you focus on learning and skills is essential for a thriving and productive workplace. Still, we’re hearing from our Client Community that relying on old paradigms isn’t getting them where they need to be. Continuing to subscribe to them will only fail organisations as they become increasingly shaped by the future of work, especially AI.

The exciting news is that these new and better ways are already at our fingertips.

Join us for this Interactive Webinar
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May 25, 2023
12:00 pm
This is a multi-date event
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What you'll learn:

  1. What effective performance management looks like in a world of remote work and rapid digitisation.
  2. How to transform your performance to be more meritocratic, adaptive, and motivating.  
  3. Why and how an AI solution is the best way to make these complex changes both easy and scalable.

Sessions launching in 2023

Yarno a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Gamified Microlearning Platform with Yarno
Thu, April 27, 2023
12.00pm-1.00pm AEST

Turn learning into a fun and team-based part of your culture. Mark Eggers, Leader of Yarno, will walk you through how to increase engagement, sparks conversations and improves your team's performance through team-based microlearning.

What you will learn:

  • Why gamification is driving vastly increased engagement in employee learning
  • How you can use spaced repetition as an extremely powerful tool for refreshing knowledge
  • How to yield tangible results for your organisation through team based microlearning
  • The methods to positively shift employees behaviours
Vega Factor a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
Learning Velocity, Collaboration & Performance Workspace
Thu, May 25, 2023
12.00pm-1.00pm AEST

Unlock how to measure and drive both performance and motivation at scale. Our session with Vega Factor will show you how to leverage learning velocity and drive organisational growth.

What you will learn:

  • How to manage and focus learning velocity for maximum impact
  • The tools to measure and drive motivation throughout your organisation
  • The habits that drive superior performance
  • How learning and experimentation will evolve your workplace
    Strategy-to-Execution Platform with JourneyLab
    Thu, June 29, 2023
    12.00pm-1.00pm AEST

    With accelerating changes in today's world, it’s important to keep ahead of the curve. JourneyLab will show you how you can achieve this through the art of planning.

    What you will learn:

    • How to transition seamlessly from strategy to execution
    • Gain the ability to recognise if your planning is up to scratch or missing the mark
    • Why it is imperative that planning remains at the core of your capabilities
    • How to overcome key challenges in ensuring your planning is effective
    Culture Amp a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
    Employee Experience, Development & Performance Platform
    TBA 2023
    12.00pm-1.00pm AEST

    Employee Experience Platform

    Coming soon. Stay tuned!

      Previous Sessions

      Ability Map a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
      Next-Generation Workforce Assessment Platform with Ability Map

      Do you want to build stronger workforces with higher performing and happier people? Daniel Zrmo, VP Solutions for Ability Map, will show you how you can do that for your organisation.

      What you will learn:

      • How to optimise business performance AND employee experience
      • What uniquely drives high performance in your critical roles
      • Learn how you can move beyond career pathways to individualised career partnering
      • Align your workforce capability to business strategy at scale, top-down and bottom-up.
      eQ8 a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
      Dynamic Strategic Workforce Planning
      with eQ8


      Chris Hare, SWP thought-leader and CEO at eQ8, will demonstrate the opportunity to address your unique SWP challenges through a Dynamic Strategic Workforce Planning platform.

      What you will learn:

      • The significant power of moving from “Static” to “Dynamic” Strategic Workforce Planning
      • How you can predict staff and skill demand
      • How you can elevate HR into strategic organisational decision
      • How to create action plans and make compelling business cases
      Start Beyond a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
      Immersive Learning Experiences via AR, VR with Start Beyond

      The Metaverse is the future of learning, but how do you get there? CEO Angus Stevens will walk you through how Start Beyond can end the global learning fatigue toward current day learning through VR & AR.

      What you will learn:

      • Why you should set your organisation up for long term L&D success
      • How VR & AR provides learners with knowledge that sticks
      • What you need to do to build skills, increase development and ramp up productivity
      • The cost benefits of introducing VR & AR integrated training to your organisation
      Wellteq a Strategic Partner of Sprouta.
      Digital Health & Wellbeing Platform with wellteq

      Engage your teams and empower your business. Learn from wellteq Chief Growth Officer, Olly Bridge, on how their Tech offering is a game changer for the corporate wellness space.

      What you will learn:

      • Health profile your organisation efficiently to make impact
      • How step challenges alone won’t create enough impact on your employee’s health
      • How a digital health coach creates true employee empowerment
      • The role of rewards in behaviour change

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      Presented by:

      Lindsay McGregor
      Co-Founder and CEO of Vega Factor

      Lindsay is the co-founder of Vega Factor and co-author of bestselling book, Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation.  Previously, Lindsay led projects at McKinsey & Company, working with large fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, universities and school systems.  She received her B.A. from Princeton and an MBA from Harvard. In her spare time she loves investigating and sharing great stories.

      Neel Doshi
      Co-Founder of Vega Factor, Human Capital and Human Performance Expert

      Neel is the co-founder of Vega Factor and co-author of bestselling book, Primed to Perform: How to Build the Highest Performing Cultures Through the Science of Total Motivation. Previously, Neel was a Partner at McKinsey & Company, CTO and founding member of an award winning tech start-up, and employee of several mega-institutions. He studied engineering at MIT and received his MBA from Wharton. In his spare time, he’s an avid yet mediocre woodworker and photographer.

      Hosted by:

      Leonie Rothwell
      Director | Co-Founder

      An experienced innovator Leonie partners with clients worldwide to create effective organisational transformation and high performing teams. Over 30 years she has gained experience and held senior executive roles in consulting, sales and marketing and general management in Australia and Asia Pacific.

      Marcus Worrall
      Director | Co-Founder

      As Co-Founder of Sprouta Marcus is passionate about supporting people unlock their potential and helping organisations drive performance at scale. Having partnered with many of the globes largest companies he is on a mission to provide access to development across all levels of organisations inspired to transform and build great cultures.

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      About your presenters:

      Vega Factor builds the highest performing cultures based on one principle: why you work determines how well you work. Vega Factor's mission is to unlock human potential at scale and to build the world's most adaptive organisations. They have developed a unique, predictive approach to measure the strength of a culture, and to quantify the return on investment of building a great culture.

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      Who is this for?

      • HR Professionals and Executives across every industry who want to make an impact.
      • Firestarters and change makers who are driven to be bold and disrupt the status quo for the greater good.
      • Leaders who want their people to solve problems faster and more effectively.
      • Organisations navigating through digital transformation.

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      May 25, 2023
      12:00 pm
      This is a multi-date event
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      Our Client and Partner Community


      "I love being part of the Sprouta Community as I can tap into the ecosystem to engage with industry experts and their thought leadership on all things people and performance. The (virtual) collective intelligence sessions that the Sprouta Team have been running with their partner Encountas are so engaging and an innovative way to collectively solve challenges we are all facing in our respective businesses. I am looking forward to continued partnership with the Sprouta Team so solves organisational challenges that we face today and into the future.”

      Cherry Ward
      Senior HR Leader, Mining

      “Sprouta is an active community for organisations who are serious about learning and business performance. We engaged with their partner community and recently reached out for help on a critical project around leading in times of change. This is part of a broader global leadership curriculum in development at Blackmores. It is great to have a partner in Sprouta who provide access to leading people and culture specialists who can support organisations with agility, challenge and impact”

      Julia Lee
      Capability Manager, Blackmores

      “Working with Sprouta made the fundamental difference to the shift in our organisation’s transformation. They stretched our imagination, cleverly guided our evolving thinking, and worked with us in absolute partnership. We appreciate Sprouta’s care in our business, dedication to the challenge, support during the process, and valuable contribution to the project, which resulted in us reaching the outcome we set ourselves to achieve.”

      Madeleine Culbert

      "The Sprouta Community has been an amazing forum to connect with industry leaders, gain some really valuable insights from the community and thought leaders, and be inspired to explore more innovative ways to problem solve relevant and meaningful challenges. I love the interactive approach and look forward to being a part of the continued evolution of Sprouta.

      Luci Ingold
      Leadership & Diversity Consultant, RBA

      "At Yarno we really value being a partner of Sprouta’s as they share many of the same attributes that we value: client focussed, innovative, collaborative problem solving, and most importantly; the ability to deliver tangible and measurable results for their clients. This focus on driving a positive change in learning metrics for their customers was the primary reason we first looked to join forces (plus they’re also really fun and easy to work with!)."

      Mark Eggars
      Co-Founder, Yarno

      "Sprouta, via a strict focus on driving actionable impact, has been an amazing partner. Whether focusing on coaching and development or more complex operating model design, their team marries rare excellence with curiosity, to the client's benefit.

      Forrest Lindekins
      Head of Movement, Vega Factor

      "Working with Sprouta is like having a brilliant sounding board with a range of connections and ideas to help you solve people challenges. I appreciate the insights and experience Sprouta brings to the table and their ability to help identify a range of potential solutions. Through the ongoing conversations we have, I feel like they have developed a good understanding of my organisation so I can be confident that their recommendations will always add a new perspective I can use (and it saves me time trawling for information or providers myself). I am looking forward to working with Sprouta into the future!

      Amelia Abraham
      Manager, Capability & Culture, ActewAGL

      I’ve been part of the Sprouta community for over two years now and during that time I’ve benefited a lot from the easy access I’ve had to industry change makers and leading experts. The insights I’ve gained have helped me grow professionally as a leader and also enabled my company to optimize employee performance and set behaviours and norms that have led to superior results. Marcus and the Sprouta team are amazing partners, and I truly value working with them and their commitment and desire to serving the needs and wants of their customers. I’m very much looking forward to continuing this partnership!     

      Adam King
      Senior Manager, Executive Development, Amazon

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