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From a Place of Purpose

2020 was historic and certainly needs no introduction. The speed at which COVID has accelerated change across so many facets of our life meanwhile upending how organisations approach innovation has been one of the most fascinating effects of living through a global pandemic.  

One of the things that has struck me most, is that we are seeing an almost reckoning of organisations and their people reassessing what it means to work in the world. Not only with the business and social impacts of where we physically work, but also businesses and their employees looking inward to understand how they can do good work in the world. For some the best work of their lives.

Long established, profit-led businesses are recognising that sustainable innovation is a business imperative. The only way these strategies and initiatives will actually stick, is to ensure they come from a place of purpose.

It seems now that finally the days of ‘Innovation Theatre’ are numbered with 72% of corporate innovation failing. It’s such a staggering figure that over $3.5 trillion has been wasted on corporate innovation in the last decade. The opportunity to dream big and for a reset with purpose is upon us.

It’s not enough for organisations to craft their business purpose and have it only appear in their sales decks and onboarding materials. Purpose needs to be clearly articulated and acted upon at every level of an organisation. Great business leaders know that if they can achieve that, it will empower them to attract and retain talent, keep loyal customers while attract new ones, positively impact the planet and gain solid investment.

72% of corporate innovation is failing...

Through our partnership with ExO Works, we’ve seen, first-hand, how transformative, purpose-driven innovation can actually be in enabling exponential growth and impact. Emilie Sydney-Smith is leading a team of incredibly skilled innovation coaches who work with some of the largest profit-led organisations in the world, helping them do business from a place of purpose. Emilie and the team will be sharing these case studies on Wednesday March 10 at our upcoming Webinar.

We’re also holding a hands-on workshop that will give clear and actionable steps to help put purpose-driven innovation into actual practice. We’d love to see you there and you can claim your spot using the link below.

If you can’t join us, share your burning questions in the comments and we’ll pass them on to Emilie and her team to answer.  

Here’s to purpose and innovation an unstoppable combination contributing towards the Triple Bottom Line of hard-line revenue growth, and positive impact to our world.

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